The Devil’s Prayer Quiz

The Devil’s Prayer Twitter Quiz was launched over two days (31st August and 1st September 2016) by  Writersmelon – India’s leading community of book lovers, aspiring authors & bloggers. Here is some trivia behind the quiz questions.

The Devil’s Prayer is set in two time frames, the 13th Century and in modern day. In the 13th Century, some 30 – 50 million people were wiped out by the Mongols. After the Mongols, came the ‘Black Death’, a plague so deadly, it wiped out some 75 – 200 million people.  The  population of the world was reduced by half. Perhaps it is why, the 13th Century is known, as the Dark Ages.


The  Codex Gigas is housed today in the National Library of Sweden. According to legend, it was written, in a single night, by the Devil himself. Experts analysing the handwriting all agree that it was written and illustrated by one person and it would have taken that person 20 years. Yet, experts all concur, that mysteriously the handwriting shows no signs of the author ageing. There are no mistakes in the entire book.


Every Devil’s Bridge shares a common legend ‘A deal with the Prince of Darkness’. As for Rakotzbruke, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all Devil’s Bridges in the world.


The Bone Chapel in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic once housed ‘The Devil’s Bible‘.  It’s arrival co-incidental with the discovery of the Osel Mine next door, within the lands of the monastery, it now called home. Once, the largest silver mine in the world, the Osel Mine disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared, almost without a trace. The intricate maps detailing the six hundred metre deep mine, all dug out by hand, were all destroyed in a mysterious fire. The little that remains today is a  rabbit warren of flooded and caved in tunnels under the ancient town. There is no such thing as co-incidence.


Built to guard the gate of the Aegean pass, with drops that are almost vertical and at times even overhanging above the river below, Asen’s Fortress was considered impregnable on three sides. Yet all that remains of it today is ‘The Church of the Holy Mother of God’.

The entire two hectare complex of Asen’s Fortress was razed to the ground by the Turks in the 15th Century, till not a stone remained. Yet the church was left untouched except that the eyes of each saint in every painting in the main chapel were blinded out, a punishment reserved in those times for treason. If ever there was a church which defied a reason to be, this would be it.


The Pinacoteca Vaticana houses the Stefaneschi Triptych by Giotto. Painted on the left most panel, is the crucifixion of St Peter attended by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, one horseman a  Mongol, and another – the Papal Inquisitor.


And so we moved to the small town of Zamora, where it all started. The penance processions during the Semana Santa date back to a long long time ago.


At that time, stood the Katskhi Pillar, the Pillar of Life, last known to be inhabited in the 13th Century and never to be climbed from then till modern day. A church atop it which nobody knows who built nor how it came to be.


For amongst you all, there are some Doomsday theorists, who believe our time is running out. The Basilica of St Paul outside the Walls houses the Medallions of the Popes. A medallion for every Pope in history, with space left for just one more papal medallion. You could, start a new row or build a new wing but that is for another Doomsday. It is also alleged that there are only two or three more graves left in the Tomb of the Popes under the Vatican.


And where does beautiful Australia fit into all this? Perhaps some things are best read.


It is a fact that Giotto Di Bondone and Dante Alighieri were the best of friends, It was no secret, they both shared a fascination with ‘The Devil’. Indeed as recently as 2011, in the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi, in a painting by Giotto, was found an image of the Devil smirking in the clouds. It had been there undetected for 700 years.

Both lived in the time when the Devil’s Bible was reclaimed by the Benedictines and it was known that something was missing from it….Twelve pages.

The Devil’s Prayer is available on amazon as an ebook worldwide.


It is being released as a paperback by Bee Books in India on 6th September.


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